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Quality programming and staffing costs $715 per month for one year-round participants and $500 per week for one summer camp participant.

Monthly fees for participants start at $315 BELOW cost. This means a year-round participant will pay AT MOST $400 per month and summer camp participant pay AT MOST $185 per month. We also provide need-based scholarships to further reduce a participant's fees. Donations from you help us accomplish this very important goal.

Cost Breakdown

$1430 ? Two months of programming for one year-round participant.


$715 ? One month of programming for one year-round participant.

$500 ? A week of summer camp for one participant.

$100 ? One field trip for ten participants.


$50 ? One clubhouse pizza party.


$20 ? One month of program supplies for one participant.


$1 ? Because every dollar makes a difference!

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Next Step Clubhouse

NSC is  located on the 3rd floor of F.U.M.C. To stop in, use the entrance at the rear of the church on Church St.


Phone: 980-272-7687

Registered NC Charity: SL010809

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