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Third Annual Next Step A Thon

Benefiting Next Step Clubhouse

The purpose of the Next Step-A-Thon is to raise the funds necessary to operate the Recreational Day, School Day Out, and Summer Programs that Next Step Clubhouse (NSC) offers to individuals with disabilities in our community. As a #Charlotte #specialneeds #chairty, this #funraiser helps us continue serving our #nonprofit mission.

So what is this Next Step A Thon?

The Next Step A Thon is a traditional walk-a-thon and we would be honored if you would consider participating in this special event. There are several ways to join in the fun. You can Captain your own STEP TEAM, you can join a member's STEP TEAM, you could sponsor a STEP TEAM, or you can sponsor the Next Step A Thon.

As a STEP TEAM CAPTAIN, you are asked to 1) create a Step Team webpage to tell your story and why Next Step Clubhouse is important to you and 2) find as many people as possible to join your team. To help with this, you can add photos and videos to make your webpage yours. Then you just have to share it with others through email and social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

As a STEP TEAM MEMBER, your job is to 1) step with your Captain in the Next Step A Thon, 2) share your Captain's story with the world, and 3) ask your network to consider sponsoring your team's Captain! The easiest way to do that is to share your STEP TEAM's personal webpage with people you know.

So when and where is this this year's Next Step A Thon?

This year's Next Step A Thon is now through May 21, 2022. Clubhouse members and teams will be stepping at Park Road Park's Duck Pond located in Charlotte, NC. Festivities for the Next Step A Thon will be at the park's shelter houses A&B from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM whether we have sunshine or rain. Those who are not able to join us in person can step anytime between now and May 21, 2022.

EVERYONE is encouraged to check out the event website's silent auction packages, raffles, and items for sale with the goal of raising as funds to support Next Step Clubhouse.

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