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Next Step Clubhouse will host "A Night with Next Step" on Saturday February 24th in the First United Methodist Church of Charlotte. This very special evening will be our eighth consecutive year hosting the event. "A Night With Next Step" features performances of song, dance, and studio art by Exceptional Individuals. The show is produced and will be performed by Clubhouse members before a live audience.


This is truly one of Charlotte's premier events and we would be honored to have you join us.

A Night with Next Step is designed to help fulfill part of the Next Step Clubhouse mission of socializing with the community. A Night with Next Step allows our members to do just that; socialize with YOU. Our goal is to have a sell-out crowd watching so that the performers can feel like rock stars! So please, come join us for A Night with Next Step!


Proceeds from A Night with Next Step are a significant source of funding for our programs at Next Step Clubhouse and so your support is greatly appreciated!

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