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Program Volunteer

Mondays Through Thursdays

8:00 AM to 6:00 pm

Next Step Clubhouse Program Volunteers are people who want to connect directly with our members through our daily programming. Program Volunteers are partnered up with our Program Facilitators and  help run activities. 


Some of our Program Volunteers are with us once a week for an hour while others stop in every few months for an hour or two. If you have a hobby you love, you should think about coming in to the clubhouse to share it with us. We are open Mondays through Thursdays and most Program Volunteers join us after 9:00 AM or before 4:00 PM.   

So when you're ready, we will be at the Clubhouse to help you take the Next Step!


Member Events Volunteer

Days and times vary depending on the specific membership event.

Next Step Clubhouse Member Events Volunteers are people who want to connect indirectly with our members through our Member Events. Member Events typically occur during evenings and weekends and are bigger events such as  dances that are open to our membership and the greater Charlotte disability community. The goal is to provide opportunities for our members to socialize with nonmember peers.


Member Events Volunteers help set up events, check members and guests in, serve refreshments, provide extra sets of hands, clean up and tear down events, as well a socialize with everyone.

Help our Clubhouse take the Next Step with our community!

Special Events Volunteer

Days vary throughout the School Year

8:00 AM to

6:00 PM

Next Step Clubhouse Special Events Volunteers are people who want to help our nonprofit raise the funds needed for our organization to provide quality programming and care to the people we serve. Special Events typically occur during evenings and weekends and are open to our entire greater Charlotte community. The goal is to raise enough money to keep our members' fees to a third of our actual cost. 


Special Events Volunteer assignments vary depending upon the event. For more information, visit the Special Event page in question.

Special events provide the financial means to make the Next Step Clubhouse!

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